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Girls Can Grill

The better you follow the directions, the better the smoky flavor. Wait for the Smokin-O’s to build up a white ash on the bottom. I found this took the full 10 minutes. Once it reaches this point, grill your meat or vegetables with the grill lid closed to lock in the smoke. If you want extra smokiness, use two O’s

My Kitchen In The Middle Of The Desert

Smokin-O’s didn’t give the food an overwhelming smoke taste, just enough. I liked how simple it was to use as well. I give them a big thumbs up!
Auntie Doni

Steamy Kitchen

We brought Smokin O’s to a friends house, on their propane grill, and within minutes of lighting the pucks, we smelled the familiar aroma.

Southern Kissed

These little rings are so much easier than using a smoke box – there is no soaking or fuss. Just a nice smokey flavor on your meat.

Patrons of the Pit

They couldn’t be simpler to use. To light them, just place them over the flames of your grill. Run it up to 400 degrees and shut the lid. In 5 to 10 minutes, the ring should be lit and smoking rather profusely.

That's Some Good Cookin

The sauce for this Spicy Brown Sugar and Mustard Grilled Chicken comes together quickly, only requiring 2-4 ingredients! For extra dynamic flavor, add a couple of Smokin-O’s to the grill along with the chicken, then brush the sauce on the chicken the last 10-12 minutes of grilling. Chicken never had it so good…

BBQ Master

I lean to charcoal but sometimes use gas for chicken. The Smokin-O smoke ring did make a big difference. The flavor was like wood smoked chicken.

I loved the idea but was not sure the execution would be there, but it was. We eat a long of boneless, skinless chicken breasts off the grill. I lean to charcoal but sometimes use gas for chicken. The Smokin-O smoke ring did make a big difference. The flavor was like wood smoked chicken, but those extra spices packed more flavor, and it was a natural tasting flavor.

My son happened to be in, and I asked if he noticed a difference. He also thought the chicken was better with the smoke rings. Two for two so thumbs up.

Customer Reviews

Charcoal Grill Taste, Gas Grill Prep Time
By Ashley via Amazon

I grew up with my mom and dad cooking everything on a charcoal grill. Steaks, burgers, chicken, vegetables, you name it they cooked it. Then I moved out and now I have my own apartment and all they have is a gas grill and for awhile nothing tasted the way it used to taste on my parents grill....That was until I tried Smokin-O's! Now my burgers and steaks have the same great flavor I used to get at home from my parents charcoal grill and as an added bonus the prep time is less because I am not waiting for a charcoal grill to heat up anymore, I can just light the grill put the Smokin-O's on and get to grillin!!

Five Stars
By Amazon Customer

Who needs a charcoal grill when you have these beauties! Convenience of gas with charcoal flavor...BOOYAH!

Smokin O's are for real!!
By Michael L Stockman via Amazon

I've used Smokin O's for about a year now with both my gas grill and my charcoal grill. I've cooked everything from veggies to fish, beef, chicken, and pork. Even smoking block cheese. I've tried them in my electric smoker. They work fantastic!! I will never go back to wood chips. I will be using these O's for many years to come.

Great Product at a Great Price
By SL via Amazon

I have not grilled chicken and pork for a long time, as they can get dry quickly. I put Smokin-O's to the test with chicken breast and pork chop. Now they are back on my list. Besides the flavor it adds, more importantly, moisture is really locked in. Although I like the smoky taste for the steak, I did not prepare it with the spices I usually use, fear of "colliding" between the two. Next time, I am going to try with both and may just find a new favorite recipe. All in all, great product at a great price.